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Yaron Avigdor Technologies Ltd

About the company

"Yaron Avigdor Technologies Ltd." is a company specializing in providing an overall solution in the field of metal processing, electronic packaging, 5 axis machining and assembly, while focusing on the fields of the security, the medical and the communications industry.

The company is young and dynamic and is in the process of continued growth, manifested in the expansion of the scope of its activities as well as of the clientele.
The company specializes in locating engineering problems and seeking solutions suitable to the client's needs. The company manufactures using the most modern equipment while providing an overall solution in all areas of metal.
The company is steered by guidelines of professionalism, reliability, personal attention availability and promptness.
"Yaron Avigdor Technologies Ltd." represents companies from around the world (China, India, the Philippines) in a variety of fields (packaging, machining, casting), all while providing professional and operational support in Israel.
The company is in constant contact with the client, to locate his needs and to provide an appropriate solution. We provide uncompromising quality, service and professionalism, while meeting the strict standards of ISO9000/ AS9100. The company is steered by leading professionals in their field with dozens of years of proven experience.

The company is managed with the help of an enterprise resource management system, an ERP system serving as a tool aiding in the integrative management of the activity inside the organization. The system is based on a complex of models required for the operation of the organization and providing updated and reliable real time information on the data going through the system.
The company specializes in technologies: milling and 5 axis machining, complex assemblies, engineering and planning, the construction of facilities and prototypes, insertions machines, profiles treatment, tool production, computerized bending, perforation and laser cutting, welding, inserting helicoils.

The management and production in the company is supported by the leading software in the field: SolidCAM / SolidWorks / Kitaron / CncKad / Trumpf-Bending.
The company specializes in managing engineering projects, in the production and manufacturing of prototypes and models, in mass production according to a manufacturing file and providing them to the client, on time and in the desired quality, in executing operational outsourcing purchasing services, in managing the manufacturers and in quality control, assembly, integration and the testing of products, in providing warranties and services for supplied products, managing a design process and designing a product by documenting and following up on drawings, managing drawings and managing changes.

The company is ready for greater challenges and is characterized by professional/ business agility and accountability for results using "young" and fresh business management with established and experienced managers creating stability and conservatism.